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Top 5 Pakistani Websites To Earn Money Easily By Watching Ads

It’s true that money matters in life. It not only matters, it’s the whole matter. We are always in need of cash and we look for all the ways to to earn some.

However, many of you might now know that making money online is easier than some people think. Yes you heard it right. You could be making money during your spare time. If you are travelling two hours a day, you can utilize that time to make some extra cash.

Today, everyone of us owns a smartphone. We remain online for several hours a day. If you put our internet usage to good use, you could be be making easy money from the comfort of your home without needing any technical skills and with little to no investment.

Paid-to-Click Websites: the easiest way to earn money online

As you might have heard, there are several ways you could make money online but, we believe PTC sites are the easiest ones to get that extra cash flowing in during your spare time.

If you are new to the word PTC, it means Paid to click. As the name suggests, PTC websites are built such that users can click and watch ads and get paid in return.

PTC site owners get paid from advertisers for showing their products to the end user (you). This way, advertisers can make their business and products famous. When the site owner get paid from the advertiser, you also get a cut for viewing, clicking and interacting with those ads. Hence this is a win-win situation for everyone.

The fun part about PTC websites is that you can earn from these PTC sites whilst watching your favorite television show or doing anything of your choice as it doesn’t require your continuous attention.

A large number of people in Pakistan are using these Paid to click websites to earn money by simply clicking and viewing advertisements.

Things to note before signing up for a PTC site

  1. There are several hundreds of Fake PTC sites on the Internet. They scam people by showing them ads but ask them to get more referrals in order to be able to withdraw their balance. Once you invite the required number of members, they will give you more excuses and you’d end up not receiving any cashout. Therefore, read online reviews about each website and make sure it’s a trusted one.
  2. Disable your Ad-blocker when visiting PTC sites. As PTC Sites are a platform to view ads and earn money from doing so, blocking ads will block your earnings too.
  3. Don’t create multiple fake accounts to earn money. It’s understandable that you might wanna multiply your earnings by registering more referrals, but trying to do that by creating fake accounts puts your original account at risk. If the admins suspects you of fraudulent behavior, they might permanently block your account.

Requirements for joining Paid-to-click websites

Before signing up on any Paid-to-Click websites, you should remember few things:

Best PTC websites to earn money online in Pakistan

A small disclaimer: You cannot entirely depend on PTC sites for a stable monthly income. You may earn around Rs. 500 – Rs. 3000 from these sites per day but you cannot entirely depend on them for your financial freedom.

PTC sites are only helpful if you are looking for some extra cash during your free time.

As we previously mentioned, there are several hundreds of fake PTC websites around. To help you avoid getting scammed and wasting time, we have created a list of our top 5 favorite PTC sites you should sign up for

RB Earning

It is among one of the top PTC websites in Pakistan which provides you the opportunity to make money online by clicking and viewing PTC advertisements. Here, users get paid by watching short video Ads. They also pay affiliate commissions for reach person you invite to their platform. The funds are added into your wallet, which you can then transfer to your bank account.

They also provide an auction system for selling physical products on their marketplace. Users can list a product for sale and sell it to the highest bidder within seconds. They have a huge network of members on their platform who visit their website daily for their daily earning tasks. This could be helpful because the more people see your product listing, the more bids you can get so you can sell it to the highest bidder.


Second on the list is The user interface is clean, and the payment process is simple and fast. Users must subscribe to paid plan before they can earn. They provide a wide range of pricing plans so you have the freedom to pick a plan which suits your budget. What’s best about this website is that once you buy a package, it prolongs for life. use the direct and indirect chain profit plan. First you get your account paid then you will have your referral link. You then use that link to invite several members to buy any package on the site. Then you will be paid according to the package bought by your referral. Another thing that Affiliate-chain is offering is indirect earning. When your referral will make further referrals you(upliner) will also get it’s bonus. The indirect earning of every package is different.

The minimum amount that you can obtain from the website as your first payment is PKR 600 for the basic plan.


Cashmiro is a relatively newer entrant in the PTC website scene. It provides users with four different packages along with different specifications. However ads are different in number for different packages. You can upgrade your package anytime you wish to. The website provides 2 types of ads for earning purpose. By watching 1 daily ad you will get 0.2 PKR and by 1 paid 10 PKR. However paid ads will be added to your account once you refer any individual. Referrals are essential for your first withdraw. Later on it won’t matter a lot.

The minimum payout that can be received is PKR 500 for the basic plan and the payments are made using EasyPaisa/Jazzcash in Pakistan


Same like Affiliate-Chain, GalaxyDollars mostly pays based on viewing ads and the remaining all are just side earnings which can help to increase the earnings a bit.

I don’t compare any other sites with what Affiliate-Chain and Cashmiro offers, but if you are looking for some more PTC sites as you just need another 10 mins daily to earn. I suggest you try GlaxyDollars.

It shares many things common with SKDollar starting from the amount for viewing each ad to withdrawing.

So, if you too want to join this website then click on the below signup button. The signup process is pretty simple and hardly takes a minute.


As the name suggests, it pays for Viewing Advertisements.

It has started in 2018 and has been a good reliable source to make money by viewing ads from then. I just don’t wanna compare with SKDollar or AffiliateChain, but it is one of the best PTC sites as much as making money from viewing ads is concerned.

It is becoming very popular in Pakistan in the recent time. Many people in India are making around 1000 to 4000 money per day.