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How To Make Money Online

Earning money online in the internet era is not as difficult as it seems. If you have an internet connection
and want to earn money online, it’s possible to do so without having a business model or any
investments. You might already have everything you need to start making money online. With the rise of
the internet, it has become much easier to make money online in Pakistan. Whether you’re offering a
service, selling a product, outsourcing, researching, or publishing content on social media, some places
on the internet will be perfect for you to generate extra cash.

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Multiple apps offer freelance jobs and pay
you for them. Such applications don’t limit your options to a few tasks. However, they provide a variety
of ways to earn money online. Many solutions are available to you. You can choose a career according to
your interests. If you are someone who enjoys sharing your opinion on different subjects and topics, you
may choose to take part in surveys and get paid for it. If you like spending a lot of time on social media
or your phone, you could offer social management services.

Freelancing doesn’t require you to be working at a particular time of the day to finish tasks. You are free
to pick your schedule and place of residence. You can work from home, have dinner, or from your bed. It
would help if you had nothing more than an internet connection that is reliable at any time of the night
or day. Students and many others prefer working from home as it’s flexible and doesn’t require too
much time or education.

The best aspect of earning online is that it doesn’t require any investment. You don’t necessarily have to
spend even a rupee on starting freelancing. A simple and free registration is all needed to begin your
journey to earn online.

These apps don’t require much effort while working. You can actually work while doing your chores or
while watching a movie. There is no need for any previous experience to accomplish the work. The tasks
provided by these apps are very easy to follow.

These apps are totally secure to use and reliable. You can either get paid directly in the app wallets or
receive coupons and gift cards that can be used to recharge, order food, or shop online. You will be paid
once you have finished the task.


Upwork, previously called oDesk is a freelancing application that is the most popular and widely used in
Pakistan. It allows you to make money online from the comfort of your own home. If you’re a student,
homemaker, an older person, or a professional working from home, you can access many jobs that
might fit into your area of expertise.

You can also receive payments to your local bank with just a click. It’s one of the most popular freelance
marketplaces in Pakistan because it connects consultants and purchasing managers worldwide on one


Fiverr is among the fastest-growing freelance marketplaces in Pakistan. If you are someone who is
having financial difficulties, this might be a great place to start. You could make use of this platform to provide basic services like data entry, graphic design or subtitling. Voice-overs and copywriting could
also be a great skill to start earning money with.

The first step is to establish a credible Fiverr profile and then start sending offers jobs you are interested
in. When your gigs begin to go up and you start earning money, so will your journey.


It is also another freelance marketplace which is quite popular in Pakistan. Companies or individuals
who are looking for freelancers post their short-term and long-term job opportunities here. It allows you
to easily create a profile and bid on jobs. On Freelancer, you have to make a bid before submitting your
proposal for a project. Free members receive 8 monthly offers.

After the client hires you, you will get paid after you deliver the work. One great thing about freelancer
is that it uses a milestone-based payment system. This means that you will get paid as you progress with
your work. When you have finished a specified portion of the complete project, you will receive some of
the total budget.


99designs is a popular platform that connects designers with customers around the world to collaborate
and work on design projects. If you have design talents and enjoy working for startups and individuals,
then this might be the perfect platform for you
to start your online money making career.

On 99design, you can provide design services like creating brochures, business cards, logos, T-shirts
and things like that.

They offer two methods for you to get hired for a job: the client can either contact a designer directly
and work with them; or launch a design contest. Contests allow designers to create unique designs
based on the given brief, and the client finally picks the best submission. The creator of the selected
design gets the contest award.

PeoplePerHour: is also a popular online marketplace for making some extra money for remote jobs
and services. It connects freelancers with clients across the globe
to work on a per-hour basis.

Here you can bid on projects and once your proposal is accepted, the project is all yours to work on and
get paid for doing so.


Since its launch in 1998, has transformed into a top platform for employers as well as
freelancers around the world. The process of hiring at Guru is very simple: after creating a profile on
Guru, you go ahead and submit project estimates based on your capabilities.
They also offer a paid membership so you can enjoy advantages such as more offers and lower labor
costs, and many more.


Saviour is an amazing app that pays you cash back on online purchases. It’s an online shopping app that
offers amazing brand deals, bargains and discounts. The lets you reduce time and money by shopping
online for everything from dining out to everyday items such as groceries.

The fun part about it is that for every transaction you make through the application, you will receive
cashback for it into your wallet. It’s a great app for your day-to-day savings.

Google Opinion Rewards:

For students in Pakistan, making money online and working from home is no longer a challenge. Thanks
to Google Google Opinion Rewards, you can now earn money by filling online surveys. After you sign up
for Google Opinion Rewards, it will ask you a few questions about yourself to begin with, and then it will
go on and recommend you a few surveys.

Every survey you fill out will earn you $1.00 for Play credit. Not much of a bad deal, is it? Your answers
can be on logos or sales promotions as well as travel ideas.