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Earn Money By Playing Games

Did you know that there are online games you can play to earn money in Pakistan without any
investment? Yes, you read that right. Playing games and earning money without investment in Pakistan
is no longer a dream; it is a reality. We always get taunts when we spend our time on phones playing
games, but I can help you get rid of the digs.

It’s easy to earn money without investment in Pakistan. Since Covid-19 hit, many people lost their jobs,
and some became professional gamers. People have made full-time careers by playing games and
earning money in Pakistan. Why don’t we spend most of our time on our phones, which we spend
around six to seven hours daily? Many people do not have access to laptops or PCs and rely on
smartphones instead .

If so, this is a great opportunity for you to earn money while playing your favorite games on their mobile
phones. This article will show you how to get money by playing games.
Here is a list of top games you can play to earn money without investment.

Bitcoin Blocks

Bitcoin Block was developed by Bling. Bitcoin Blocks is rated 4.5 out of 5 simply because of its features.
Match the blocks with matching colors and smash them. The only requirement to earn money is to
register before playing. Once you register and start playing, you will earn Bling points that you can
further convert into Bitcoin. So, what’s the catch? It takes a long time to earn enough money that you
can withdraw. Most users can just make a fraction of one cent (USD). You can also cash out every 7 days
if you have the minimum withdrawal amount. There are also zero transaction fee cashouts to Coinbase,
helping you earn more money.

Games Prizes

If you don’t like bitcoin and prefer US dollars to earn money, this might be the one for you. There are
more than 70+ games to choose from, and if that’s not enough, you can also win money from spin the
wheel if you’re lucky enough. Refer your friends, try to be on top of the leaderboard, and earn tickets,
the more tickets you have, the higher the chance of winning real cash prizes. Rated 4.2 on the play store,
it does not require any signup fee and earns income through the ads.

Big Time Cash – Online Earning Game in Pakistan

A similar ticket to the cash concept, but the games in this app might turn out to be addictive, so be
careful while playing. Rated 4.4 on the play store, it also shares part of the revenue generated through
ads with the user. Big Time Cash is one of the best money-earning games in Pakistan. Even though the
developers claim to have already given away tens of thousands of dollars. This app, too, follows a free-
to-win model where users win cash without any investment. The latest update has increased the overall
application performance, minimizing the lag during games.


Now, this is another interesting platform where you can earn money by spending time on the app and
participating in various activities on the application. Rated 4.2 on the play store, you get a variety of
options to monetize your engagement on the app, including activities like playing games, filling surveys, watching videos browsing websites, and even stuff like subscribing to newsletters. The mode of
operation here is simple. The minimum balance you can withdraw is 25 dollars. You can withdraw your
account balance using PayPal, Payoneer, or Bank Transfer. Now, this is one app you really should try to
earn real money in Pakistan through games.

Bitcoin Pop – Get Bitcoin!

Another application from the developers at Bling is like any bubble shooting game, except that you can
also earn real money through it. That is after you can cash out your bitcoins. Rated 4.6 on the play store,
you can turn your bling points into bitcoin by creating a free account on The only
requirement to earn money is to register without any charge. Again, earning a meaningful amount of
bitcoin takes a long time. The more you play, the more you earn.

21Blitz: Earn Money Online

21Blitz is the app for fans of Blackjack and Solitaire. Both sorts of games are available to play in the app,
but the classic games are given a twist to make them tougher.

Play against real people for achieving the highest ranking on the leaderboard. You get the option of
either playing for fun or for a prize. 21Blitz is great for honing card-playing skills, having fun, or making
easy money.

When you compete with other players in 21Blitz, you can earn real money. Your earned balance can be
withdrawn using PayPal, Visa, Apple Pay, and other payout methods.
Users can also avail a chance to win raffle tickets for big prizes like a car, a television, or a watercraft.

Dominoes Gold: a classic game to life

Dominoes Gold is a domino game application that takes a unique approach to the classic game. In this
game, all the dominoes are gold, and the points you collect in the game can be exchanged for real

Play with your friends and family and compete for amazing prizes and money using the competitive play
option. Your winnings will be put into your PayPal account when you are ready to withdraw them.
Amazon gift cards, vehicles, watches, and other items are among the other top rewards. Download the
app to your Android or iPhone device to begin playing and winning money.